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Access the latest information on the best strategies and practices for the successful implementation of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the sustainable electricity sector, based on global surveys of key actors and regional conferences worldwide. The conference will have a break for healthy eating and exercise for everyone.

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  • Chorriaca

    Chorriaca Wind-Diesel Hybrid Project (Argentina) - 2013 - by GSEP

  • Cochico

    Cochico Mini-Hydro Project (Argentina) - 2013 - by GSEP

  • Ifugao

    Ifugao-Ambangal Mini-Hydro Project (Philippines) - 2010 - by GSEP

  • Tuvalu

    Tuvalu Solar Power Project (Tuvalu) - 2008 - by GSEP

  • Galapagos

    Galapagos San Cristobal Wind Project (Ecuador) - 2008 - by GSEP




February 15-16, 2017



November 16-17, 2015

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TERI-GSEP PPP in Electricity Distribution – Case Studies of Delhi and Odisha


Chorriaca Hybrid Wind-Diesel and Cochico Micro-Hydropower Plants

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PPPs for Universal Energy Access in India

Dr. Leena Srivastava is one of the most prominent global thinkers in the field of sustainable development, energy and environment. …

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