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Project Overview

  • EDP’s Kakuma UNHCR Refugee Camp Project – Environmental sustainable energy solutions for breaking the refugee poverty cycle at the Kakuma UNHCR Refugee Camp in Kenya.
Project Highlights:

  • About 47 kW of photovoltaic solar systems installed and more than 1,500 low energy bulbs in 11 buildings. The metallic structures were built local
  • 30 high-quality solar ovens.
  • 4,000 solar lanterns to students in around 20 schools by entering into a written agreement between parents (or guardians), the students and their schools.
  • 31 solar street lamps installed.
  • Three solar water pumping systems for small-scale agriculture and reforestation installed.
  • Technical training sessions for around 100 refugees.
  • The environmental and social impact of the entire pilot project is to be monitored and assessed with the support of two specialised external partners.
  • Detailed study of the lighting and energy use expenses incurred by refugees and the local community (hosts).

Public-Private Participants

Public Sector:

  • UNHCR – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Private Sector:

  • EDP – Energias de Portugal (a Electricity provider)/ Fundação EDP – EDP Foundation, established by EDP – Energias de Portugal

Lessons Learned

Energy Policies

  • Local policies had no effect on project implementation because it took place under the auspices of the Kakuma UNHCR Refugee Camp in Kenya.


  • EDP used its own funds as a donation to social causes.


  • The project provided a successful example of applying the experience gained in a fee-for-service model to providing modern energy services to poor people in off-grid regions.

Research and Development

  • The project demonstrated how “one-off” solutions can be used in an operational field test to fulfill basic human needs and enable the productive use of energy.
  • Offer a “must have” positive or neutral return, in EBITDA terms.


Success requires total commitment and full and proper stakeholder engagement.

e8 can promote experience-sharing (true networking) about financing opportunities and compile case studies of successful business models to provide energy to those in the greatest need.

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